Layout Manager

The Layout Manager is a powerful and effective tool that allows you to create flexible layouts in the drag and drop builder. With the drag & drop tool you can create and move any number of modules, sections and columns. You have the option of assigning images, videos and colors to all sections and modules



You can add an animated preloader to your Joomla website, including built-in animations, custom images or Font Awesome icons.

Back to Top

This feature allows your users to scroll from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. Activation takes place via the backend..

Smooth Scroll.

If you activate Smooth Scroll, the file Smooth-Scroll.js is loaded, which enables so-called on-page designs to be created.

Import Export

With the import/Export function you can export the settings from a template and import them into another template. This is useful for backing up your settings.

SEO optimized

The Joomla framework is completely SEO friendly. It has been created using the best SEO practices, following the latest HTML5 standards, to improve the results of your SERPs.

Drag & Drop Layout Builder

The theme has arobust drag and drop layout builder that allows you to easily and quickly create complex layouts.

Wide & Boxed Layout

The Template offers you a wide and boxed layout. You can always choose between box and wide layout and change the appearance of your website.

Multiple header layouts

You have several options to choose from and you can easily switch between the headers in the Layout Manager.

Sticky Header

Add a sticky header to your Joomla website with one click. No additional plugins required. Configure it according to your website's needs.

Unlimited colors

With the built-in color picker, you can quickly change the color of almost all elements on your website without having to write a single line of code.

Video Background

The Layout Manager makes it easy to add video backgrounds to your sections to make your website look interesting and interactive.


The Layout Manager makes it easy to create parallax effects for any section of your website.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Configuring the mega menu is really easy and straightforward. With just a few clicks you can get a great looking mega menu. The first step is to configure the menu and choose the header layout for your site.

Once you are done with these settings, you can create your own mega menu for individual menu items. The structure of the main level menu items corresponds to the structure of your Joomla menu. By default, all submenu items are automatically displayed as drop-down menu items.


HTML compression

The HTML Compression option lets you compress your website's HTML to improve performance and make your website load faster..

Lazy Load

built-in "lazy-load" feature that allows you to load only the images that are visible in the viewport and get high speed for google page speed.

CSS / JS compression

The JS / CSS compression feature allows you to compress CSS and JS files and reduce their size to increase the website loading speed.

Mobiles Menu

The theme has a built-in menu for mobile devices that allows you to easily list all menu items on mobile devices.


The framework is delivered with a mega menu builder via drag and drop. You can add your menu items and Joomla modules and create an interactive mega menu.

Off Canvas-Menu

The theme also comes with the off canvas menu. You can use it alongside your regular menu and publish each module to the off-canvas position.

Easy to customize

Play around with the font family, size, transformation, style, decoration, line height and letter spacing to give users a different look on your website.

Custom fonts

In the configuration you can add your own custom fonts and use them on your Joomla website.

Google Fonts

lay with 998+ Google Fonts built into the Typography section.

Responsive Typography

With the template frameworks, you can specify different font sizes, letter spacing and line heights for different device sizes.


With the integrated animations at section, column and module level, you can choose from over 80 different animations.

Custom Codes

se your own custom code like CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes.

Solution Theme

Our new "Solution" Joomla Template is dedicated for any clean business site. The theme is a sleek and modern Joomla design that does a great job displaying tons of content while at the same time avoiding the feeling of clutter.

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